Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tian'anmen and Ma Lik

I don’t think it is right to tell Chinese people what they should think about their own government, and I don’t think the US should try to lecture China. However, I see nothing wrong with writing my opinion, especially when I read something both stupid and infuriating.
According to the New York Times, Ma Lik, the leader of Hong Kong’s pro-Beijing party, stated that the Tian’anmen Square Massacre was invented by the Western media, and that Hong Kongers were unpatriotic for being taken in and therefore didn’t deserve to have full democracy. The fact that people can deny events that took place only 18 years ago and were recorded on camera and had thousands of witnesses is a testament to the ability of humans to believe what they want to believe regardless of evidence. The Chinese Communist Party likes to remind people that they should “seek truth from facts,” but as incidents like this make clear anyone who has to say that truth should come from facts is probably peddling a lie.
I feel sorry from Hong Kongers who are as Chinese as anyone but are stuck in a country whose government insists that true Chinese people must believe whatever they say and submit to them unquestioningly. Ma Lik’s statements demonstrate how hopeless democracy is in China- “you may vote when your minds are controlled by us.”

On a side note, I think this shows why Taiwanese are wary of the Mainland.

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