Friday, April 27, 2007

Moving to Beijing

Alright, going back to where I left off before…

Returning to Beijing meant returning to my normal life, which was a little chaotic. First of all, I had to figure out my living situation. I was expecting to be able to move into Lily’s room after I got back from Tibet, but it turned out that Lily wasn’t able to move out.
That spring Lily had married an Israeli and had planned on moving to Israel in September. But the Israeli government wasn’t convinced that they were really married, and didn’t give her a visa. This has become a common issue recently. Western governments know a lot of Chinese women pay Westerners to marry them, so they can get visas and immigrate, and have been much less willing to give visas to their citizens’ Chinese spouses. I’ve met several Chinese women other than Lily who were in the same situation.
Anyway, Lily kept having to postpone leaving Beijing, so when I got back two months after she was supposed to move out she was still living in the apartment with Azalea.. She was running out of money though, since she quit her job in the summer expecting that she’d head over to Israel, and promised that by January she would probably move to a friend’s place. In the meantime I slept on the floor in Terence’s apartment.

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margaret said...

normal life? you've settled do you feel abount NY now?

LA is still not normal

glad to see this is back