Friday, August 11, 2006

Taiwanese Twins

I seem to have found myself a new job at the day camp. Several weeks ago, the head counselor for the kindergarten group at the day camp where I'm working came up to me. The second session of the camp had just begun, and there were a lot of new campers. Two of the new kindergarteners, however, could only speak Chinese, and the head counselor was worried that it would be a problem. "Actually," I told her, "I can speak Chinese." It was kindof hard to get anything out of them- they were pretty shy- but they definitely understood me. Since then I've been the official translator for the 2 Chinese-speaking 5 year olds, who it turns out are from Taiwan. Their mother is in the US on vacation, and decided to have them go to the camp, which I suppose is as good a way as any to get them out of the way.
Frankly I'm not sure how useful I've really been, since my Chinese is pretty rusty, and 5-year olds aren't really good at communicating regardless of what language you speak with them. One of the first things their counselors wanted me to ask them was whether or not they had to go to the bathroom- a perennial worry when dealing with kindergarteners was their not asking to go until it was too late. When I asked they started telling me about going to the Bronx Zoo. Later on, when I would try telling them something serious, they would try to chew on my arm- they claimed my arm-hair was corn.
I actually kinda miss being an actual counselor.

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