Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Filler Entry

Though I have big important things on my mind, I'm too downright lazy to write about them. Writing about them would be too productive. However, I will share with my general readership (all 1 of you!) what has been preoccupying me these past few days since classes ended: webcomics!
The classic is of course It has its bad days, and sometimes its bad months or years, but usually, if everything else about a day sucked, there was always Sluggy to provide some goodness.
These days I've been into This guy I met here (who I'm told talks exactly like me) recommended it. It's got a nice laid- back style, and while it isn't quite as hilarious as Sluggy, it almost always brings a smile. It also brings back those college memories... man did I not savor college enough. Sure I can still slack off, but now I'm stuck slacking off by myself, in this miserable hellhole of a state.
Another promising looking comic is It's about Satan or something. Kinda politically incorrect, but i like the general outlook.
And finally there's Not quite as into this one, but it is not bereft of niftiness. Maybe it's better if you're more of a gamer (I'm totally not a gamer).

Anyway, I'm gonna be out of here soon. There's a lot I'd like to write about this place, and hopefully I'll avoid work in the summer and be able to write about it.

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